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Best Location Managers in UK

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In studio sets very few films are shot entirely even fantastic stories use the real locations to bring stories to life and characters. The vision of the directors for films need to understood by the location managers in order to find the most suitable locations. Below the brief search can provide detailed information about best location managers with recent credits and experienced in UK.

Camilla Stephenson, Location Manager

Recent Credits:

• Spain and UK location manager
• Hare and Burke (2010)
• My Zinc Bed (2008) (TV)
• Eastern Promise (2007)
• Dean Spanley (2008)
• An education (2009)
• The demand united (2009) (Spain location manager)

Tony Hood – Location Manager

Ex-military location manager working in south east and London having twelve year of experience in commercials, films and TV.

Credit includes:

• Russian dolls (2005)
• The kid (2009)
• The four feather (2000)

Joel Holmes – UK Location Manager

Credit includes:

• Street dance and foster 2010 3D
• Title Joel Holmes
• Category 29

Philip Lobban Location Scouting and location managing worldwide


• World war Z
• The king’s speech
• Skyfall
• The counselor
• Bourne ultimatum
• Prometheus
• Captain America
• Les miserable’s
• X-men first class
• The king’s speech
• Snow white and the huntsman

Donald Cameron Location manager

• 14/2 York Place Edinburgh EH1 3EP
• Location manager

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